Infertility Remedies - How to Cure Infertility Through Vitamins and Minerals?

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You have a variety of infertility remedies to choose from, from herbs and hormone treatments to artificial methods like IVF and newer medical methods to vitamins and minerals. Yes, you heard that right. Vitamins and minerals are also regarded as infertility remedies for they play a certain role in conception. In this article I will concentrate on infertility remedies like minerals and vitamins.


Male infertility is often caused by a lack of selenium as found out through medical research conducted by the Italian university of Padua. Sperm cell oxidation is prevented through the intake of selenium and when you consume a diet rich in selenium, you can easily maintain the integrity of the sperm cell. You can consume sea food, fish, liver and red meat which are all good sources of selenium.  Just make sure the fish is low mercury and the liver organic.

To improve low levels you may take multi vitamin and mineral tablets which contain both selenium and zinc. Look for one that contains 100 micrograms of selenium and 25 milligrams of zinc. A rich and varied diet consisting of fresh fruits, veggies, lean meat, lean protein and dairy products, should give you good amounts of zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E.


Another essential for male and female infertility is zinc that is involved with 200 plus enzymes and proteins. Zinc can activate key sperm enzymes and can move inside the prostrate if the testosterone helps it. Testosterone levels are lowered, testicle size is reduced and the sperm that is produced is unhealthy and misshapen when there is a lack of zinc in your diet.

In women zinc is necessary for your body to efficiently use the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone. Lack of zinc in women can cause miscarriage. These are only some of the negatives. Hair mineral analysis through a reputable lab is a good way of finding out if you have low zinc or selenium levels.

Vitamin E

This one is usually taken as a beauty enhancing tablet, but lack of vitamin E can cause loss of fertility in males through lack of sperm production and motility. Some studies suggest its antioxidant activity may make the sperm more fertile.

Viamin E is thought to contribute to fertility in females although there is not a lot of direct evidence to back it up. Therefore to eliminate all these problems and also to eliminate menstrual cramps and pain, you should take 400 IU of vitamin E every day. Among infertility remedies is also Vitamin C, another antioxidant,  found in citrus fruits and veggies.

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Infertility Remedies - How to Cure Infertility Through Vitamins and Minerals?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27